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I am: Female Age: 27
Seeking: Anyone - Don't care Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: Dependent Member Since: 26-May-22
Location: United States Last logged In: 5-Dec-22
Relationship Status: Single
About Me: I've lived a somewhat reserved & fairly conservative life. Being so skinny & flat chested, I didn't feel attractive. (I still have issues with it.) I felt a need to "break out" of my shell, & about that time, a friend reached out to me & asked me if I'd ever posed nude before. (Random, right?) He's an pro/am photographer. He had a friend that runs a popular amateur nudes site & told him that he was looking for a really thin model for an upcoming shoot, & he immediately thought of me. I was like "Why not?" So we set up a shoot at my place. He made me very comfortable & treated me with the utmost respect. As I got more daring, he slowly guided me to reveal more, & it became a HUGE turn on when I saw him getting hard. So not to make things "weird", he mentioned it, told me it was normal & not to be concerned about him acting on any "impulses". For me...that was the challenge! I was so turned on by this, that I quickly started playing with my pussy & went absolutely crazy in front of him & his cameras! I've NEVER masturbated so intensely! After an hour or more, he joined in, started fingering me hard & eating my pussy! But he regained his composure & turned his focus back to the cameras. He pulled out the 1st dildo I've ever used. It was pretty big, too! I couldn't wait to start fucking myself for his camera! As I pounded this "thing" in & out my soaking wet pussy, I told him "It's so big! I know I can take it all!" He just kept shooting & recording, all while encouraging me & telling me how sexy & beautiful I was. I believed him, because of his rock hard cock in his pants! He told me to cum for him & the thousands of men & women that were watching me! Hearing that made me gush! We've done several shoots with me flashing, getting naked & even masturbating in very public places. ...Even driving naked in his convertible with the top down! He got me to fist myself for the 1st time, use a butt plug, & fuck myself with a dildo bigger than my arm! I have LOTS to share, & am excited to hear your comments & suggestions!

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I am: Couple Age: 47
Seeking: No one at the moment Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: Dependent Member Since: 16-Dec-20
Location: United States Last logged In: 6-Dec-22
Relationship Status: Married (but up for it anyway)
About Me: We are a pretty sexually conservative (we've always been completely monogamous, even modest) married couple. The female half of us is intrigued and shy (at the same time) about posting such revealing pictures. We blur our faces precisely because of how conservative we are and how out of the ordinary this activity is for us. The lady half of us is a mom of 4 teenagers/young adults, a very well-liked woman in the neighborhood, and an avid soccer mom and former soccer player with 4 kids who play soccer locally. Rumor has it that she is widely considered the biggest MILF in not just the neighborhood but at our large high school. The coolest thing about it is that she has a hard time believing it. The guy half of us is apparently also considered a DILF based on feedback from our teenage daughters' friends. He's got an athletic body, is in shape, and is a great dresser and has an amazing sense of humor that our kids' friends love and is one of the reasons they consider him a DILF. We tend to be most interested in looking at other couples that are similar to us (middle aged, in good shape, similar MILF and DILF features, etc.). Almost all of the pictures we post are screenshots from videos. Whether we ever post any videos is something we haven't thought a lot about but may at some point consider. For now, screenshots is what we're giving. But the available content is pretty significant. We have a lot of these videos, most in very good quality.

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I am: Female Age: 30
Seeking: Anyone - Don't care Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 19-Feb-17
Location: United Kingdom Last logged In: 7-Dec-22
Relationship Status: Single
About Me: Please note: I only post on this site and do not give anyone my consent or permission to use my pictures or post them anywhere else. Under current legislation, it is illegal for anyone to use someone else’s pictures without their consent and as I am the owner of the pictures, I will take action if this occurs. Anyway, back to the fun..... Guys....Absolutely number 1 rule on here (as it is in real life)......make an effort occasionally!! Please feel free to send me a filthy message on here or post honest comments on my pictures as I love to chat to like-minded dirty guys and girls. I also have lots of blog entries that make me horny as I write them so please have a read to see what you think of them. I love to discuss my fantasies, read dirty stories or just have a chat with you horny sexy people. I have fucked and been fucked by young and old guys, both Black and White and have had female partners. I am happy to discuss anything of those details with you. I pay for membership on NN so only chat on here and not on any other platform. Consequently, please be respectful to the fact that I wont give out my number or use e-mail, Skype, or any other rubbish third party format to communicate.... Dont be a cheapskate lol. Also, just as a reminder: if you are on any of the chat areas and don’t chat, I will simply delete you as what’s the point of going into the chat areas if you are not going to communicate? DOH ! Please also just take a bit of time to fill your profile in. It makes so much difference if you add some details and some pictures so we can see all about you and if you dont have any details or pictures, please dont send a friend request either. Apart from that, I am pretty much up for some fun and open for (nearly) anything, so remember, if you dont ask, you dont get xx

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