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Would you let me fuck you in Amazon Position?
Category: Fucking  ID: 17381220
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Date Posted: 17-Nov-23
Subject gender: Male & Female
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1-Dec-23  (3 days ago)
Hell Yeah!! Looks like a great DP position. Yall game? Just fun fun fun!! I wanna play too!! Dom
30-Nov-23  (4 days ago)
any time,,any place
28-Nov-23  (7 days ago)
I Love to Eat PUSSY and Have great Bare back SEX I have a moto if i lik it I stick it I also love women who Like ANAL But I'm A free Member so how can I reach you so we can hook up I love the feel of a women Cumming on my Cock or Face I Want A women Pussy to Suck my Cock dry So All I;m looking for is Great Sex and some to hang out with Hello Pretty Lady I Need PUSSY every Day Or ANALDark haired Women Are my Kryptonite Nothing I love more than feeling a women cumming on my Cock Yum Yum Yum
27-Nov-23  (7 days ago)
24-Nov-23  (10 days ago)
Beautiful artistic pic. Well done.
23-Nov-23  (11 days ago)
Yes please. Looks amazing.
21-Nov-23  (13 days ago)
HELL YEAH!! Great position for DP too... Lets do it.. Dom
20-Nov-23  (14 days ago)
Sooooo Hot!
20-Nov-23  (14 days ago)
Both of you look very sexy. Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear!
20-Nov-23  (14 days ago)
If my anus could stand it, then yes, of course! By the way, I DO like girls, so I would happily watch you push inside a girl, or maybe we both could! Yep.....I know....Crazy, right? x
20-Nov-23  (14 days ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah..................
19-Nov-23  (15 days ago)
Fuck me any way you want!
19-Nov-23  (15 days ago)
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
Interesting position 🤔 👌
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
U have awesome looking pic's 😍 mmmm
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
while i kiss your nipples
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
The roles would be clearly defined, and in true Femdom fashion I would have no say in this. Only a duty to obey and submit my cock to you for your pleasure, alone. To ride and grind your pussy down on it as hard and deep as you wish, and for as long as you wish. And (of course) to abstain from cumming until given your permission and allowed to do so.
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
of course
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
Anytime and anywhere!
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
Oh yeah absolutely anything to feel that meaty pussy on my cock
18-Nov-23  (16 days ago)
mmm love you to fuck me like this, LOVE seeing your beautiful pussy lips wrapped around his cock
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Yes and as many other positions as you wanted to
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
mm absolutely
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Mmmmmmmmmm, I'd love to peg him while he's fucking you like that. Then I'd love to do you with my strap-on and then my tongue. I'll give you a really great orgasm.
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
love this position , yes take meeee
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Love this position
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Go baby go!
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
love to be poking some anal at same time
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Absolutely.. Cum and amazon me..
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
But I want you you really fuck me
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
It is a great position
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
You could fuck me in any position you’d like
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Hell ya!
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Looking forward to it!
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
I’d lick from his butthole to hers and back until we all cum.
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
wow love it xxmrs p.
17-Nov-23  (17 days ago)
Wow awesome
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